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Hometown -- Joppa

Current members --Josiah Orsie, lead singer, rhythm guitar and keyboards; Luke Orsie, lead guitar; Micah Orsie, bass; Dave Hadley, drummer

Founded in --2005

Style --rock

Influenced by --Jeff Buckley, Muse, Radiohead

Notable --The band recorded four songs for its new EP in Nashville, Tenn., with producer Joe West. West has worked with Shakira, Emmylou Harris and Warren Zevon, among others. The EP, A Place to Hide, is inspired by faith, Orsie said.

Quotable --"My main influence is my beliefs, my faith," Josiah Orsie said. "It's kind of a place to go when everything is crashing down around you. The thing you have faith in -- your friends, your family, your God -- that's your place to hide."

Hear Tears of Mars at 7 p.m. tomorrow at Fletchers, 701 S. Bond St. Admission is $10, which also includes a copy of the EP. Blind Rhetoric opens. For more information, call 410-558-1889 or go to The band:

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