Friedgen bogs down

The Baltimore Sun

For Ralph Friedgen's birthday this summer, his two brothers-in-law and cousin paid for a deep-sea fishing trip. It was canceled because of the weather, but they decided to go out anyway.

One brother-in-law drove the boat onto an oyster bed. Friedgen was in the back of the boat. The tide was going down quickly. Friedgen realized that if they were going to get off the oyster bed, he had to jump off the boat.

They pushed it off, but Friedgen got stuck about waist-deep in something akin to quicksand.

With a current threatening to take him out to sea, he was able to get back into the boat. However, Friedgen was bleeding from a multitude of cuts.

He is still limping from a cut on the bottom of his heel.

"I'm anxious to get back to work," he said. "It's much safer."

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