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Victoria Beckham reportedly stiffs waitress on lunch tab

The Baltimore Sun

Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham and her unlikely best friend, Katie Holmes Cruise, click-clacked their stilettos into the Mondrian Hotel's Asia de Cuba in Hollywood for lunch the other day. Victoria ran her fingers through her hair and her head was thrown back a lot, as the paps snapped. It was all very "aren't-I-fabulous-and-aren't-you-lucky-to-be-here-to-see-me." Katie smiled winsomely, like a human being.

But apparently, Mrs. B. forgot to raid her husband David's wallet before she left the house. According to our source, not only did she not leave a tip, she didn't even cover her part of the bill. The waitress serving her tried to run after Vicki, but was stopped by the Beckham security team.

Out and about in L.A.

If you view with any regularity - come on, you know you do - you can get a pretty good idea of the L.A. club scene. There are endless photos and lots of embarrassing videos of celebrities high and low, exiting, entering or weaving unsteadily outside various nightspots.

One observer says, "It's a kind of 'planets aligning' thing, with regular celebs, celebs with partners who are their equals, all of which attract photographers and press."

So who is the star everybody wants to lift the velvet rope for? Lindsay? Paris? The Olsen twins? The above-mentioned Posh and Katie (and their husbands)? Nope. "Lindsay Lohan is out and ... Shia LaBeouf is in. He is the most desired guest right now. But he never goes out. Everybody wants him." (Shia, take my advice. Stay home!)

Crying time

Some people will never forgive Tammy Faye Messner - best known as Tammy Faye Bakker - for her part in the scandal that destroyed her ex-husband Jim Bakker's ministry; the extravagance and pilfered money, the begging of the poor for dollars they didn't have in the name of God.

Tammy Faye, her eyelashes and weeping became a national joke. But after divorcing Jim Bakker, she emerged as endearing rather than pathetic and venal. The Bakker debacle left her with $1,000 in her pocket and two children to raise. She kept on smiling through her tears, and rebuilt her life. I came to see Tammy Faye as no different from a lot of harmlessly self-absorbed celebrities, and despite her love of luxury, I thought her faith genuine, more genuine than many others who preach.

So it was with shock and a profound admiration that I watched 65-pound Tammy Faye on Larry King last week, ravaged by cancer, barely able to speak above a whisper. Made up to the nines, baubled, bangled and beaded, she achieved a true dignity in her last interview. She was serene, having surrendered to her fate. I was deeply moved even as I found it hard to watch.

Religion can be used for terrible things, and Tammy Faye's initial brand of materialistic evangelicalism is certainly not my cup of spirituality. But she paid for her transgressions of cluelessness, and became a better person. I'm sure she'll get her wish to go straight to heaven - and I hope the Lord has a tissue, because Tammy Faye learned many lessons in her life, but she never found a good waterproof mascara.

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