Baldwin brothers make a splash in ways good and not so good

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LOVE THOSE Baldwin brothers! The ones who are up, the ones who are down. These Long Island guys have made their mark on show biz.

Alec is just wonderful in the 30 Rock series where his irascible character is eating his way through, with the gifted Elaine Stritch as his worrisome mother. (Both actors are Emmy nominated.) ... Then there's William's TV debut coming on ABC's Dirty Sexy Money. Here the talented William will play an attorney from a rich power family called the Darlings (Shades of Peter Pan!) who yearns to go to the Senate. This guy has six independent movies in the can and now writes his own stuff with Chazz Palminteri. ...

Let's not forget the amazing cocaine-addicted Daniel Baldwin who, on ABC's Primetime recently, gave us a trip through the glories of expensive rehab. He scored as a charmer but correspondent Cynthia McFadden refused to let him off the hook. This was Emmy Award stuff as well. ... Brother Steve is the settled down Baldwin, a born-again Christian.


If you saw a crowd of beautiful young things waiting in the rain near Radio City Music Hall recently it must have been the 370 women who came to try out for the Rockettes annual audition. Out of this group, they hired only two!

The famed creator of TV's 60 Minutes, one Don Hewitt, told me he suddenly realized no one had ever done a real film examination of the Rockettes and the Christmas show. So he called owner Chuck Dolan asking if there was film of the Rockettes. Dolan said, "No, I wouldn't let anyone within a mile of my girls! But maybe in your case, I'll make an exception."

The independent Hewitt Group is now filming with nine cameras in high definition. This special will air on NBC before the Yuletide.

I asked Hewitt if he, like others who are not Christians, objected to the religious ending where the nativity is shown with live animals and a poetic coda about the birth of Jesus?

The veteran TV giant laughed: "If Christmas and Easter were good enough for Irving Berlin, then they're good enough for me."

End of fashion?

Givenchy vs. Givenchy! The tall and famous French designer Hubert de Givenchy, says, "Fashion is over!" He has, according to Spy's Celia Walden, accused his heirs at Givenchy of "doing junk."

Says Hubert: "Dresses were meant to make women beautiful. Now there are bags and shoes that are more and more ugly. That's all ... how many bags can people buy?"

Givenchy retired in 1995 after making clothes for Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall and Jackie Kennedy to name just three.

It's funny - at the very same time as de Givenchy's pronouncement, in the United States the gifted designer Michael Vollbracht resigned from Bill Blass, saying almost the exact same thing. "When making big handbags is the only thing that will save your business, then designing clothes is finished!"

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