Larry Flynt needs more proof to play D.C. madam name game

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I need absolute proof before disclosing more names but we're working on it!" So says Hustler publisher Larry Flynt regarding his revelations about prominent politicos who have been customers of the Washington, D.C., madam.

My inside tip from Flynt's office is that Larry is getting ready to drop at least 30 more names!

A hair-raising duet

Do go to see Hairspray if only for one reason - John Travolta at the top of his experimental and daring-to-do-anything game and his Fred and Ginger dance/love song with co-star Christopher Walken. When they sing "You're Timeless to Me," your heart melts. Travolta particularly is great throughout the film.

If I'm not so enthusiastic about the rest of this movie, I seem to be very much in the minority. (I found its pop casual silly look back at the "end" of segregation in Baltimore slightly offensive.) But the preview audience went nuts for it! And I was surprised at my own reaction because I adored the show on the Broadway stage. Never mind - go anyway. Join the club.

Prince still reigns

So perhaps a few dissenters did not spring up and scream bravo to Prince's satisfaction when he performed in the Hamptons last week. But this rock idol is hotter than ever. At a recent gig in Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel, couples paid $3,121 to thrill to his presence. (Prince hasn't lost his wicked sense of humor. The name of his 2006 album is 3121.)

Those who see the legend on-stage today agree that the sex, soul and funky sass that propelled him to the top back in the '80s is as vital as ever.

And, can this rumor be true? Prince has offered a helping hand to the man who was once his only rival - Michael Jackson? Between the two of them, Prince and Michael, both so provocative in their sexual ambiguities, all but depleted the world of black eyeliner! Prince has supposedly suggested that Michael begin a series of "unplugged" concerts in Las Vegas - just Michael and the mike. No smoke, mirrors or costumes.

I don't know if Michael Jackson can jumpstart his career, but getting back to the basics of his great talent wouldn't be a bad beginning.

The place to be seen

The Regency Hotel, NYC, famous for being famous at breakfast, was awash in names the other a.m. - the hotel's headman, Jon Tisch, Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware, Architectural Digest's editor Paige Rense, the best-selling Diana Chronicles author Tina Brown and top Martha Stewart exec Susan Lyne. (And none of these VIPs were together.)

If I had ever met Senator Biden, I'd have given him a big hug; he's so handsome and the best foreign policy expert in the Senate. He'd make a great Hillary running mate.

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