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Three cheers for sexy! So many times, showing a little sex appeal during the day gets a bad rap.

But you can vamp it up without conjuring images of Britney Spears, post-K-Fed.

The trick is to artfully show a little skin in places where people least expect it. Lauren Washington's bare back, for example, is the ultimate of sexy - and there's little chance of a wardrobe malfunction when your front is entirely covered.

Her bold color choice, too, is not just of-the-moment. It looks great on her skin and is the perfect daytime hue for a summer day.

Lauren Washington

Age: 24

Residence: Randallstown

Job: Owner of Londons Boutique on Charles Street

Self-described style: "I think my Gemini sign has a lot to do with my style, [because] I don't really have a style. I just go with whatever feels good. One day I might want to be a little sophisticated. The next day I might want to be a little sexy. I was feeling a little sexy [today]."

The look: Yellow-off-the-shoulder blouse. True Religion jeans. Tan sandals. Marc Jacobs bag. Gucci shades. Gold hoop earrings.

Where it came from: Blouse from Nordstrom. Jeans from a boutique in Miami. Sandals from Nordstrom. Handbag was a gift. Sunshades from Solstice sunglass boutique. Earrings from Aldo.

Summer sexy: "When I saw [the blouse], I just thought it looked comfortable. It wasn't too tight. It was a nice summer shirt. And when there's a breeze -what breeze we do have in the summer - you can get a nice breeze in the back. And it was revealing, but not too, too revealing."

Her fashion must-have: "I love accessories, I love sunglasses. I love nice bags."

Her fashion don'ts: "I've seen some people wearing slouch socks, in different colors; it's like '80s-inspired. I'm not too fond of that."

Anti-trendy: "I don't like too much of a trendy thing, where everyone is doing this one thing. It's just like you see it everywhere you go, the same style. I like people to be different and be creative."

New York has nothing on B-more: "I feel like when I go out of town to different places, people [underestimate us]. I think we have a lot of style here. When I go to New York ... a lot of those girls, their fashion statement doesn't really do anything for me. I'm like, 'You're in New York, you have every store possible and you still aren't putting it together right.'"

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