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Filmmaker Michael Moore continues to raise viewers' awareness through movies that question American institutions or issues. His latest movie, Sicko, which looks at the U.S. health care system, is in theaters. When you watch Moore's documentaries, do they give you food for thought, or are they just entertaining? Explain why.


When I watch a film, I expect some social consciousness. Michael Moore's documentaries always fulfill that need for me.

Sicko is brilliant as ordinary people are able to articulate the madness behind a health care system based on profit.

Moore is able to raise questions about a problem in his films in a humorous and entertaining way. It was priceless to discover that Ronald Reagan was a shill for the insurance companies and that on the Watergate tapes, Richard Nixon recognizes the fat cats can make money by denying citizens health care.

As someone who cannot afford health insurance, I hope Sicko leads the revolution toward single-payer health coverage.

So kudos to Moore for entertaining food for thought.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore


Don Cheadle stars in Talk to Me, a movie about a Washington man who was an ex-con-turned-popular-talk-show-host-and-community activist during the 1960s. Cheadle is always pushing the envelope in his various roles. What movie (or movies) best captures Cheadle's versatility as an actor and why?

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