Movie trailer really gives nothing away

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Movie trailers that don't provide the name of the movie. What will they think of next?

Currently making the rounds in theaters, mostly on screens playing Transformers, is a short trailer featuring a bunch of happy-go-lucky, middle-class party types having a grand time atop a New York high-rise, when all of a sudden big, destructive fireballs fall from the sky. Panic ensues, a release date of Jan. 18, 2008, is displayed, and that's it.

Oh, the mystery.

For the record, the movie - known alternately as two names: Cloverfield or Untitled J.J. Abrams Project - will be released by Paramount Studios and is the brainchild of Abrams, the maestro of mysterious mayhem behind Mission: Impossible III and the TV series Alias and Lost. Pictures and perhaps a smidgen more information are available at

Obviously, the studio is banking on a lot of people having their interest piqued enough to make the mystery film a topic of much water-cooler discussion, even six months before its release. Might work. Then again, with so many cool movie trailers that let people know the name of the movie they're promoting, here's betting a lot of people will be more irritated than intrigued - if they even give the trailer a second thought, especially after having their senses bludgeoned by Transformers for 140 minutes.

Chris Kaltenbach

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