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Bundley says he'll lead city 'out of this chaos'

The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore City mayoral candidate Andrey Bundley said yesterday that he's got a plan "to lead us out of this chaos."

Speaking to the media in front of City Hall, Bundley, a school system administrator, said Baltimore desperately needs leadership that he can provide.

"We can't afford to keep electing people with disconnected ideas," he said. "I've got a roadmap to lead us out of this chaos."

Bundley, 46, is joined in the race for Baltimore's top elected job by Mayor Sheila Dixon, City Councilman Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr., Del. Jill P. Carter, Circuit Court Clerk Frank M. Conaway Sr., A. Robert Kaufman, Mike Schaefer and Philip A. Brown Jr.

The former high school principal ran unsuccessfully in the Democratic primary for mayor against Martin O'Malley in 2003.

If elected, Bundley says, he vows to establish 55 neighborhood public service teams made up of community leaders and dedicated city officials. Each team would work to create a plan to improve its area.

He also promised to be a "mobile mayor," getting out into Baltimore's various communities.

"I want to see what you see, feel what you feel and understand it the way you understand it," he said.

Bundley insists his plan will help combat the city's daunting homicide statistics and "restore public safety." It's a three-pronged approach, he said: Prevention, intervention and suppression.

"The essence of public safety is this," he said, "We must change the thinking and behavior of people in the neighborhoods."

The candidate did not elaborate on how he would go about changing people's thinking.

Bundley also said he would work to decrease water bills, property taxes and the increase in electricity rates.

"The residents of this city cannot afford to wait any longer," he said, "We need change and we need it now."

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