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More than 5,800 voters have spoken, and you want interim manager Dave Trembley to manage this club in 2008. MASN broadcaster Rick Dempsey came in a distant second. The results:

Dave Trembley, 60.6 percent (3,558 votes)

Rick Dempsey, 17.3 percent (1,016 votes)

Don Baylor, 8.8 percent (519 votes)

Dusty Baker, 6.0 percent (353 votes)

Terry Pendleton, 3.7 percent (220 votes)

Joey Cora, 3.5 percent (207 votes)



Which current American League Rookie of the Year candidate will win the award?

Boston starter Daisuke Matsuzaka

Boston reliever Hideki Okajima

Boston second baseman Dustin Pedroia

Los Angeles outfielder Reggie Willits

Orioles starter Jeremy Guthrie

Tampa Bay outfielder Delmon Young Vote at baseball

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Last week's question: Has Orioles interim manager Dave Trembley impressed you so far?

Trembley impresses with his presence, game skills and his direct communication with his players. He should stay through 2007 while [new club president] Andy MacPhail concentrates on the players.

[Burl Wolfe, New Freedom, Pa.]

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This week's question: What change would you make to the All-Star Game to make it better? Why?

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