Pinstripes may suit Teixeira if he is free agent after '08

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News item: Rangers first baseman Mark Teixeira said Friday that he's still an Orioles fan and still roots for them except when they are playing Texas - cryptic comments that are sure to be interpreted in Baltimore as a signal that he wants to come home when he becomes eligible for free agency after next season.

My take: If the Orioles wait until he becomes a free agent, the only time he'll play at Camden Yards is when the Yankees are in town.

News item: American Joey Chestnut inhaled 66 franks in 12 minutes to defeat six-time champ Takeru Kobayashi in the annual Nathan's Independence Day hot dog-eating contest at Coney Island.

My take: Big deal. If I liked hot dogs, you never would have heard of either of those guys.

News item: The University of Alabama has self-reported three minor recruiting violations that have taken place since the hiring of new coach Nick Saban.

My take: If the NCAA is going to nitpick like this, I don't see any way Nick is going to get Daunte Culpepper through the admissions process.

News item: The Minnesota Twins scored 32 runs in Friday's doubleheader against the Chicago White Sox.

My take: The Orioles have had two 10-game spans (April 24-May 4 and May 14-25) in which they failed to score a total of 32 runs.

News item: Plate umpire Brian Knight acknowledged that he blew a call and cost the Orioles a run in Friday night's extra-inning loss in Texas.

My take: Conspiracy Guy thinks the umps are out to get us. Reasonable Guy thinks that kind of stuff always gets you when you don't score enough runs to overcome one bad break.

News item: In a survey conducted by the luxury automaker Lexus, four out of 10 golfers said they would give up sex for a month to have the perfect golf swing.

My take: Don't get your hopes up. If that's all it took, I'd win the Masters every year.

News item: Free agent Grant Hill has signed a two-year contract with the Phoenix Suns.

My take: I wonder if the deal includes incentive clauses for actually playing.

News item: The Tour de France began yesterday with Swiss cyclist Fabian Cancellara winning the prologue through the streets of London.

My take: Is it just me, or didn't London used to be in England?

News item: Seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong restated his support for Floyd Landis, but doubts the defending Tour champion will succeed in clearing his name.

My take: Can't understand why anyone would doubt Landis now that he has gotten his story straight. While we're on the subject, I'll have a Jack and Coke.

News item: Detroit Tigers infielder Neifi Perez becomes the first major league player suspended after testing positive for an illegal stimulant. He says he's "not stupid" and hints that information is forthcoming that may clear his name.

My take: We might take him at his word if a player didn't have to test positive twice to get suspended. At least his .172 batting average proves conclusively that whatever he was taking was not a performance-enhancing drug.

News item: Kobe Bryant recently apologized to Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak for the rude and public manner in which he has pursued his desire to be traded to a contending team.

My take: Right about now, Kupchak is starting to wonder what he's supposed to do with a 9-carat diamond ring.

News item: NBA star Tony Parker and Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria exchanged wedding vows in a Paris cathedral yesterday after getting married in a civil ceremony Friday.

My take: Mr. Flip is not going to be happy about this.

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