Too much publicity is an unforgivable curse

The Baltimore Sun

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix doesn't open until Wednesday, but I've been suffering from Hogwarts overload for weeks.

I'm sick of seeing the Potter stars staring out from every other magazine cover. I'm tired of reading about how Daniel Radcliffe appeared naked in a London production of Equus, about how Emma Watson wanted to quit so she could go to school and lead a normal life, about how Rupert Grint ... well, OK, I haven't read that much about Grint. But I'm really tired of reading about how J.K. Rowling hasn't told the stars what will happen to their characters in the last Potter book (scheduled to be released July 21), whether they live or die.

Advance publicity is one thing, but media overload like this can't do anyone any good. Here's betting the young actors are as sick of talking about themselves as we are reading about them. Bring on the film already!

Chris Kaltenbach

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