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In case you missed Andy MacPhail's appearance on The Anita Marks Show last week, here's what he had to say about negotiations with first-round draft pick Matt Wieters:

Knowing that adviser Scott Boras isn't in a hurry to get a deal done, MacPhail doesn't expect talks to "percolate" until about two weeks before the Aug. 15 deadline for signing the catcher.

MacPhail doesn't have an extensive relationship with Boras, as the small-market Minnesota Twins weren't usually in the running for his high-priced clients. But he was Chicago Cubs president when they signed Greg Maddux.

While serving as Twins general manager, MacPhail drafted one Boras client in the first round - catcher Jason Varitek, who didn't sign. The Twins had two first-round picks that year and knew they could secure Torii Hunter, so they figured Varitek was worth the gamble.

How much longer can Garrett Olson stay in Triple-A?

Olson tossed seven scoreless innings Friday night against Pawtucket, allowing two hits and striking out 10. He has 94 strikeouts in an International League-leading 104 innings.

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