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Love notes from 'Iron Felix'

Letters from the leader of the Soviet secret police reveal a softer side to the man known as "Iron Felix" for his utter ruthlessness in eliminating enemies. About 21 of Felix Dzerzhinsky's letters to Fyodorovna Nikolayeva are being published this summer in the book Ya Vas Lyublyu (I Love You). pg 17a

30 Afghan civilians killed

Afghan officials reported yesterday that at least 30 civilians, and perhaps a great many more, were killed during U.S.-led coalition airstrikes, this time in the Gereshk district of the southern province of Helmand, where dozens of civilians died under similar circumstances the previous week. pg 18a


191 new laws take effect

New state laws are set to go into effect today, including ones designed to preserve the environment, restore voting rights to ex-convicts, freeze university tuition and add to the international pressure against the government of war-torn Sudan. pg 1b

Gilman headmaster resigns

The headmaster of the Gilman School abruptly resigned last week after it was discovered he had lied on his resume and in discussions with school officials before he was hired six years ago. He had claimed membership on a university hockey team for which he had never played, according to school officials. pg 1b


Support for Bush's agenda falls

With 18 months left in his term, President Bush's ability to shape the country's agenda appears to be shriveling. Republicans in Congress are joining Democrats in opposing Bush's most significant initiatives, from the war in Iraq to a plan to overhaul the nation's immigration laws. pg 3a

Children not considered crucial

The percentage of Americans who consider children very important to a successful marriage has dropped sharply since 1990, and more now say that the sharing of household chores is primary, according to a new survey. pg 3a


Banking on the cell phone

Banks and other financial institutions are increasingly adopting the cell phone as the latest channel for consumers to carry out transactions. They are working to perfect the technology to stay ahead of competitors and to meet demand from consumers who want another avenue for managing their money remotely. pg 1c


Sharapova, Mauresmo advance

Defending women's champion Amelie Mauresmo and No. 2 seed Maria Sharapova won their third-round matches as rain disrupted play all day at Wimbledon. pg 5d


'Organ crawl' hits St. Paul St.

A gathering of music lovers this week will be treated to an unusual tour: Three Baltimore brick rowhouses and a few churches will show off their antique pipe organs. pg 1e

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