O, By the Way

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Perhaps on the verge of taking civil litigation to a new extreme, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban appears to be contemplating some sort of legal action against Golden State coach Don Nelson. And some view it as payback for Nelson's Warriors upsetting the Mavs in the NBA playoffs.

Of course, the feud between Cuban and Nelson predates the recent playoffs. Nelson once worked for Cuban, and the basis for the owner's action, whatever it turns out to be, is an argument that Nelson used confidential information about Dallas to engineer the first-round upset.

I can see the eyeballs rolling skyward out there now.

Joining the Huddles mascots and Plan B free agency, the idea of a European football league has been consigned to the NFL scrapheap.

The NFL announced Friday the anticipated shutdown of NFL Europa, the spring developmental league, less than a week after quarterback Casey Bramlet (right) led the Hamburg Sea Devils over the Frankfurt Galaxy, 37-28, for the World Bowl title.


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