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You're Such A critic

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The fourth installment of Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis, came out this week. What is the continued allure of this series, which follows the heroics of police officer John McClane?


I believe that the continued allure of the Die Hard series, starring Bruce Willis as police officer John McClane, is the belief, deep down in the American psyche, that one hard, righteous, determined average American working man, placed by fate in harm's way, can stand toe-to-toe with the evil terrorist legions, take everything they can throw at him and still, in the end, defeat them and emerge victorous.

In this day and age, McClane's single-handed victories over cadres of evil terrorists is a very comforting thought to us.

Alan Cherry, Baltimore


Filmmaker Michael Moore continues to raise viewers' awareness through movies that question American institutions or issues. His latest movie, Sicko, which looks at the U.S. health care system, is in theaters today. When you watch Moore's documentaries, do they give you food for thought, or are they just entertaining? Explain why.

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