Attacks kill dozens throughout Iraq

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BAGHDAD -- Nine members of Iraq's security forces died yesterday in Baghdad and the northern part of the country that killed more than two dozen people.

The attacks on civilians and security forces, including roadside bombings, suicide attacks and drive-by shootings, persist even though the U.S. military added nearly 30,000 troops in June.

A car bomb exploded in the mostly Shiite neighborhood of Kadhimiya, killing at least 14 people and wounding 21, police said. Kadhimiya, home to one of Baghdad's holiest Shiite mosques, was struck June 6 by two simultaneous car bombs that killed at least seven people.

A roadside bomb in eastern Baghdad killed a U.S. soldier and wounded four others, the U.S. military said.

Also yesterday, a bomb planted under a car near the Sulaikh market in Baghdad killed three people and injured 10. A police officer was killed and six bystanders were injured by a suicide car bomb that exploded at a checkpoint on a bridge in southern Baghdad.

Witnesses said U.S. troops opened fire on civilians in the Sadr City neighborhood of the capital after a passer-by fired a revolver into the air to settle a family dispute. The ensuing gunfire left two men dead and three injured, witnesses said.

A spokesman for the U.S. military said he had not received reports of soldiers firing at civilians. A military police unit was in Sadr City to deliver a generator, the spokesman said. Members of the unit drew their weapons after they spotted a suspected suicide bomber approaching, then traded shots with about five other men, killing one, the spokesman said.

In western Baghdad, gunmen opened fire on a bus headed to the holy city of Najaf, injuring five. Militants also shot and killed two farmers driving to Baghdad from the northern city of Balad to sell vegetables.

Police found the bodies of 21 unidentified men in the capital, all shooting victims, most dumped in west Baghdad.

But yesterday's violence was not confined to the capital.

In one attack, four Iraqi police commandos were killed and three injured by a bomb that exploded under their car during a routine patrol on the main road through Samarra.

After the explosion, witnesses said officers emerged from the car and began shooting at nearby houses, killing two men and injuring three.

Molly Hennessy-Fiske writes for the Los Angeles Times.

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