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Hysteria over iPhone will only get worse

The Baltimore Sun

As this week wears on, the iPhone hysteria will only get worse. By tomorrow at 6 p.m. when The Most Hyped Device of All Time goes on sale, it has been estimated that the average U.S. citizen will have heard or read about the iPhone 10,472 times.

OK, I just made that up. But I can't be too far off, can I?

Evidence of the deepening iPhone madness continues to accumulate. A few of my favorite examples from recent days:

The Vicarious Music Web site on Monday spotted two guys who appeared to be the first in line to buy an iPhone from the Apple Store in Manhattan. The site provided several photographs as proof. If the pair is serious, they will sit on a New York City street for four days ... waiting to buy a phone.

An Associated Press story on the iPhone hype reported that though no consumers yet own the product, more than 1,100 peripheral items are available on eBay, "including colorful holsters, touch-screen protectors and car adapters."

Web site AppleInsider reported that the first iPhones had been delivered to select locations - accompanied by "armed personnel." As AppleInsider explains: "Armed guards are extremely unusual for freight coming out of the Asian sector, those familiar with the matter explained, and are typically reserved for shipments containing riches such as gold and diamonds."

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