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Baltimore not jerk-free

The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore sports fans can be defensive when it comes to their athletic heroes, and any top 50 list about athletes who are heroes or otherwise will create debate. Thus is the case with the top 50 list of all-time sports jerks on CBS Sports

OK, so some don't want to hear anything negative about Ray Lewis (No. 49), Babe Ruth (No. 42) and Art Modell (No. 38). But there are others on the list whom Baltimore fans would have no problems with - Albert Belle (No. 44), Reggie Jackson (No. 14; remember he played here in 1976) and, of course, Robert Irsay (No. 5 on this list; No. 1 in the hearts of Baltimore fans).

Who is No. 1 on this list? O.J. Simpson, who visited here during his 2,003-yard rushing campaign in 1973, when Baltimore still had the Colts and Simpson still had his good name.

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