Abdul, young Seal lookalike spotted shopping hand-in-hand

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THE GLIMPSES I've seen so far of Paula Abdul's coming reality show, Hey Paula, seem to fall in step with the image of the former pop singer as rather ditzy - perhaps even sobriety-challenged. But that image has worked well since her career resurrection as an American Idol judge, so why fight it? More power to Paula and her wacky ways.

The tiny Miss Abdul - stylish and summery in crisp black and white - was spotted the other day shopping on Rodeo Drive. A handsome guy who "looked like a younger version of Seal" accompanied her. (Paula might not be a genius, but she's no fool.)

Paula and her friend wandered into Gucci. Paula took "Seal Jr." by the hand and they strolled through the men's shoe department, cruising the loafers. Paula's young man also tried on various sunglasses, and had a nifty time looking himself over in the hip shades.

A father with his toddler daughter passed by, recognized Paula and stopped to chat. The star was friendly to her fan, and attentive to the child. This led to Paula's being asked, "You're so sweet with her; don't you want to have kids?" Not at all offended by the personal question (this is 2007, folks!) Paula said, "I would love to, if it works out. I can't wait much longer!"

So there you have it. Perhaps Paula will further confront her maternal longings as Hey, Paula progresses.

More Mariane Pearl

Glamour magazine's Cindi Leive is publishing Mariane Pearl's coming book, In Search of Hope: The Global Diaries of Mariane Pearl. Angelina Jolie, who portrays Mariane in the current A Mighty Heart movie, wrote the foreword. The book is based on Mariane's reporting for Glamour, telling tales of heroic women around the world who make a difference. In Search of Hope is due in the fall. All the proceeds go to the charities of the women profiled.

Why retire?

Justin Timberlake is No. 68 on Entertainment Weekly's Top 100 list of "The Stars We Love Right Now." (Very clever of EW, that "right now" bit. Never before has popularity shifted so swiftly and seismically as it does today.) Oddly the music king is asked about retirement. He says, "It's gonna have to take something pretty apocalyptic. I don't know that I'd ever retire." (Retire? He's 26 and the CEO of his own new record label, for heaven's sake!)

Justin is busy collaborating with Madonna for an album that arrives late this year.

Where's Nancy?

With her frosted lips, frosted tips, miniskirts and go-go boots, Nancy Sinatra was - and remains - hot stuff.

But the legend is lying low right now. Perhaps she is devoting herself to work on that big CD box set of all her hits. And there's also talk of a new album of soft romantic ballads, with piano man Paul Cavanaugh.

I'd love to have seen Nancy as part of the gay-positive True Colors concert tour with Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Erasure and Margaret Cho. Ever since she snarled, "Boots, start walking!" in her first hit, she's been a goddess to the gays.

Anyway, it's time for Miss Sinatra to get her touring hair teased up again. She puts on one hell of a show.

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