Trachsel's slow motion

The Baltimore Sun

Steve Trachsel was throwing a lot of pitches yesterday. And throwing to first base. And tugging on his jersey. And adjusting his cap. And asking for a conference with his catcher. And throwing to first base again. And circling his favorite programs in TV Guide.

Let's speed it up. Livan Hernandez isn't getting any younger, you know.

Trachsel threw 90 pitches in four innings.

Strange ... it only felt like 89 to me.

I'm not sure Jon Knott has a position. His reputation in the minors was built with his bat, not his glove.

This is the same problem the Orioles have with J.R. House. They'd like to get his bat up here, but he's below-average defensively at every position he plays. We're talking pinch hitters and occasional designated hitters.

It's OK to carry one guy like that, and Knott is on the 40-man roster, so the Orioles don't have to make a corresponding move to clear room. But he'd be a lot more valuable if they could put him in the field and not worry about the ball finding him.

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