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Elizabeth, cell phone in hand, is no queen of the Stone Age

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Good Lord! You use e-mail?" This is what the popular and good-looking Elizabeth Saltzman of Vanity Fair was overheard saying to the queen of England at a recent garden party in honor of the Household Cavalry.

Elizabeth II had just said to Ms. S. "We must keep in touch; let me give you my e-mail address." The queen had added as an aside that she does use e-mail. "But I don't write them myself. I dictate them."

The queen is surprisingly agile when it comes to the 21st century. She is known to use a mobile phone given to her by Prince Andrew, and she also has an iPod. The queen did complain to Howard Stringer, after she knighted him, that she found the buttons on the Sony remotes "difficult."

Kitchen confidential

Britney Spears looked happy and healthy and managed to get in and out of her car the other day without showing more than a firm thigh at the Beverliz Cafe in L.A. The pop princess -- and her overexposed tundras -- are catnip to paparazzi who followed her to this spot where she is a regular. She asked owner Anna Magopian if she could eat her chicken salad sandwich in the kitchen to avoid her stalkers.

La Lohan like La Liz

Now listen -- Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield is worried about Lindsay Lohan's career. He has already turned a premature thumb down on her coming thriller I Know Who Killed Me and asks "has any 'world's most famous movie star' ever reigned so long without having a recent hit movie?"

Well, sure they have! Elizabeth Taylor to name one. Between 1968 and 1994, Miss Taylor made 17 feature films. The only bona fide hit was 1994's The Flintstones, which was also her last big-screen effort.

Of course, La Liz is always the exception to the rule. The less popular her movies were, the more famous she became.

Body language

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake had what appeared to be a more-than-civilized reunion in Berlin recently at the Shrek the Third premiere. They smiled, they laughed, they touched. But those wild and crazy body language experts who appear in the weekly tabs dissecting every celeb move insist that it was all "an act." I guess this kind of critique is harmless, but can we take seriously any observation that tells us: "Cameron is quick to cover her neck, which sends the message -- 'You won't hurt me again!' Oh, pul-eeze!

Decide for yourself

I watched MSNBC's Keith Olbermann the other night. His report on the Clintons' satiric video based on The Sopranos finale was dire. He made so much fun of everything about it that I honestly thought it must be a horrible flop until I actually saw it myself. (My personal verdict is "Long live the Clintons!" and may they continue to develop their marriage, their ambitions and their increasingly excellent senses of humor. Whoever thought of doing this video is a genius.)

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