GLIMPSED! Lexington Market


When the sun bears down and the mercury rises, nothing wears better than cool, forgiving linen.

It's breezy and comfortable and has a way of looking rich, even if the clothes were purchased at bargain-basement prices.

WONDERING IF YOU WERE GLIMPSED? Check out / glimpsed for additional photos of fashion-forward locals and a critique by fashion writer Tanika White of the styles she saw around town.


Age: 47

Residence: West Baltimore

Job: Home improver

Self-described style: "Excellent."

The look: Brown "kangaroo" hat. Pale cream linen shirt and pants. Brown Stacy Adams shoes.

Where it came from: Entire outfit from "Changes" at Mondawmin Mall.

From head ... : "This hat, I saw it in the store, and it was just like, I liked it, I got it and I left. I just knew it looked good."

To toe ... : "Stacy Adams are comfortable and go with everything. And they're just dressy. That's all I wear. You will never see me in tennis shoes. Never."

Grown-up dressing: "I stay like this. This is how men are supposed to dress. I can't walk around with my pants hanging off my tail. No, no."

"Nick" name: "Some people call me 'GQ'. I've got a wardrobe that is out of this world."

But who's counting?: "I have 20 pairs of shoes, 20 pairs of dress pants, 15 suits. I've got the whole shebang. 15 sandals, all colors."

And the real reason for stylin': "It's comfortable. It's cool. And the ladies love it."


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