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A record number of voters - almost 9,000 - responded to last week's question about which Oriole deserves to be an All-Star. Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie was the runaway favorite. The results:

Jeremy Guthrie, 37.8 percent (3,380 votes)

No one, 30.1 percent (2,697 votes)

Brian Roberts, 15 percent (1,342 votes)

Nick Markakis, 7.8 percent (699 votes)

Erik Bedard, 7.7 percent (690 votes)

Miguel Tejada 1.6 percent (139 votes)



Which trait do you most want the next Orioles manager to have?

Big league managerial experience

Good communication skills

Fiery mentality

Ties to the "Oriole Way"

Youth (someone age 45 or younger)

Vote at baseball

Hack of

the week

Last week's question: What's a more hallowed record, 755 home runs or 2,632 consecutive games played? Why?

Objectivity takes a back seat on this question. You ultimately compare the men and not the numbers. I guess my choice is No. 8 [Cal Ripken Jr. and the consecutive-games record], not No. 24 [Barry Bonds, likely the next home run king].

[Gary Pratt, New York]

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This week's question: Can new team president Andy MacPhail turn the Orioles around? Why or why not?

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