Bodies of man, woman found in Hillendale house

The Baltimore Sun

Police were investigating the deaths of a man and a woman whose bodies were found yesterday in a home in the Hillendale area of Baltimore County.

No arrests had been made yesterday in the case, police said.

The bodies were found in a townhouse in the first block of Astro Court after police received a call from a neighboring home shortly after 10 a.m., county police spokesman Bill Toohey said.

Police would not say how the caller knew of the deaths, but Naomi Kiguru, said that a crying child knocked on her door and asked for help yesterday morning.

Kiguru said that the girl appeared to be about 5 or 6.

"My husband asked her what happened and why was she crying. Then the girl said, 'They're dead. My parents are dead. They're lying on the floor. I was shaking them, and they're not breathing,'" Kiguru recalled.

She said her husband brought the girl inside, and then called police.

The victims were new residents in the community, Kiguru said, and neither she nor her husband knew them well.

"They had been here for about a month and a half. We would say hello to them if we saw them coming in or out of their house, but we didn't really talk to them," she said.

Two children from the house where the bodies were found are in a safe location, Toohey said yesterday.

After the bodies were found, investigators obtained a warrant to search the home, police said.

Police had not identified the victims.

Some residents of the townhouse community said that they are concerned about their safety after the discovery of the bodies.

"This used to be considered one of the better courts in the complex, but not any longer," said Mciver Nivens, who lives in a townhouse on Astro Court. "In the past few months, I started hearing gunshots and seeing more police."

A&G; Management owns the Northbrooke Township and Apartments complex, where the bodies were found. Janet Booz, property manager, said that she has not received any information about gunshots being fired in the complex.

"As for this current incident, the company is looking into it," she said.

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