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Tiger Army -- Music From Regions Beyond

The Baltimore Sun

Tiger Army -- Music From Regions Beyond (Epitaph) After two albums of full-on psychobilly stomping, Tiger Army found its voice with number three, 2004's III: Ghost Tigers Rise, a collection of dark and delicate tunes that valued mood over aggression.

Perhaps because of the band's heightened profile, singer and guitarist Nick 13 has decided to shuck the nuanced sound he was beginning to cultivate and create the biggest-sounding follow-up possible.

In that sense, Music From Regions Beyond is a success. The album marks the furthest the California trio has strayed from its rockabilly roots, as the group mostly sounds like a crisp mall-punk outfit that just happens to feature upright bass and Gretsch guitar.

Fans angry with the band's move toward the middle of the road will either be heartened or disgusted by the disc's one major stylistic departure, "As the Cold Rain Falls," which is practically a cover of New Order's "Age of Consent." .

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