Oh, that politico Ed Rollins - he's never at a loss for words

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YOU CAN fool all the people all the time if the advertising budget is big enough," says Ed Rollins.

Mr. Rollins happened by Michael's cafe this week where I was lunching with speechwriter-columnist Peggy Noonan. We greeted the genial Ed, who had worked for Ronald Reagan and other Republicans, including Christine Todd Whitman and the unelectable Michael Huffington.

Rollins became famous at the end of the latter's campaign, saying: "In three decades as a political junkie, I never worked a more miserable, depressing, or rotten race than the 1994 Huffington Senate campaign. Compared to Michael and Arianna Huffington - two of the most unprincipled political creatures I'd ever encountered - Ross Perot had been St. Francis of Assisi."

Ed introduced us to a charming lady who represents the Defense Department, saying she was in charge of programs dedicated to backing our troops. We said we were all for that!

Ed congratulated Peggy on the nice things appearing about her in the recently released The Reagan Diaries. I said then that try as I might I hadn't been able to move Peggy "a little to the left, with us Democrats."

Ed retorted: "Believe me, we're [and I assume he means the Republican Party] doing everything we can to get the country to come to the left. There'll be no baton passed."

It's always refreshing to see the outspoken Ed Rollins.

She's miffed

Jessica Alba, star of the hot new Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, went ballistic the other day when a TV reporter commented: "So, you've got a bit of a Paris Hilton hairstyle going on in the film!"

Jessica opined as how she didn't think her hair looked anything like Paris' hair. And afterward, she grumbled: "Was he telling me I look like a jailbird? That was just so out of order."

And speaking of Jessica, she was on GQ's cover last month, so now they have followed one Jessica with another. The July issue has Jessica Biel in a wisp of a bathing suit that shows off the tattooed bird diving down toward her nether regions. Also on the cover is this rather droll line: "See pictures of Jessica we couldn't print."

Also worth a mention

After mentioning GQ, I should add my other favorite, fairly new magazine - Men's Vogue. It boasts John Edwards on the cover and inside shows us Arnold Schwarzenegger in his peanut-colored, hand-tooled governor's alligator cowboy boots. You can add a wonderful historical touch from Michael Korda on "How Ike Spanked Hitler and Made the French Love Us." They can call it Men's Vogue all they like; it's excellent for all genders. ... Someone sent photos from Germany of Antonio Banderas with his arm around a blond girl, not his wife, the said-to-be-very-jealous Melanie Griffith. Heck, I once had Antonio's arm around me! He's a friendly kind of fellow, warm and touchy. Married doesn't mean dead!

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