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Less than five months after Anne Arundel County schools Superintendent Kevin M. Maxwell called for all 193 staff members at Annapolis High School to reapply for their jobs, the numbers are in: At least 45 of the 111 classroom teachers will not return.

Maxwell announced the radical effort to "zero-base" the staff to help improve student performance and graduation rates, particularly among minorities, and head off a state takeover. The school had failed to meet state and federal benchmarks under the No Child Left Behind Act four years in a row.

A handful of teachers who reapplied to stay at the school were turned away, and many more decided to move on. The result is that some departments will look drastically different when classes begin July 1 at the year-round school.

The district's director of high schools, George P. Arlotto, said the school will get a fresh start that will help it "become what it should have always been, the premier high school right here in the state ca



How will Annapolis High fare without much of its current staff?

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