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While I was trying to track down players to comment on the managerial change, it would have been a lot easier if reporters were allowed inside the clubhouse. Or here's a thought: outside the clubhouse.

I was stationed there before the news conference and got exactly one player to talk: Brian Burres, who looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He didn't have much to say besides that he wanted to just concentrate on pitching, and that he thought Sam Perlozzo was a nice guy. I didn't ask him if he got HBO and what he thought of the last The Sopranos episode. That would have been almost as helpful.

Jeremy Guthrie walked up behind him and declined to comment, saying he just found out as he arrived at the ballpark.

Guthrie must not have been on Mike Flanagan's phone list. Flanagan said he contacted most of the players to inform them of Perlozzo's firing.

Meanwhile, the Orioles were keeping reporters outside the ballpark. We had to stand at the guard station on the ramp that leads to the players' parking lot. One step beyond that point and warning shots might have been fired.

The way this team is going, I'm sure they'd be high and outside.

Heaven forbid the Orioles grant us access on such an important day. Were they worried players would rip Perlozzo? More likely, they'd say all the right things. But who wants that? A security guard rode up to us on his little cart and basically told us to stop bothering the players.

Has he been watching the games lately? I'm the one who's bothered.

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