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Changes in command under owner Peter Angelos:

On Sam Perlozzo


Hire: "There's an old expression - 'rough seas make a great sea cap' - and I think we got to see the best of Sam in a very difficult time [as interim manager]. I was very impressed the way he handled the club."

- Executive vice president Mike Flanagan, Oct. 12, 2005 Departure: "We felt Sam was prepared. We felt the club was prepared to do battle every night. For whatever reason, it just wasn't working."

- Flanagan, yesterday

On Lee Mazzilli


Hire: "They [Flanagan and Jim Beattie] worked very diligently, and I know it was very difficult for them because of the positive qualities of all those who interviewed. ... But they made the right decision for this team. Obviously, I support it completely."

- Angelos, Nov. 7, 2003 Departure: "I felt, along with others in the organization, it needed to be done, that a change was necessary in light of the extremely poor performance of the club in the last six weeks. On the other hand, I appreciate Lee Mazzilli's efforts, and wish him all of the best and success in the future."

- Angelos, Aug. 4, 2005

On Mike Hargrove


Hire: "He brings an atmosphere of winning baseball that we believe will help us achieve the goal of the entire Orioles organization - to put a team of excitement on the field and bring a world championship home to our fans."

- Angelos, Nov. 3, 1999 Departure: "Unfortunately, all relationships in baseball are temporary, but that's the nature of the game. Having known Mike Hargrove as a manager, a friend and the gentleman that he is has been my good fortune."

- Angelos, Sept. 29, 2003

On Ray Miller


Hire: "I think it brings everything right back into focus. I feel for the fans. I feel their frustration. They felt that Davey [Johnson] was the best manager and [responsible] for what we accomplished. I consider this a step forward."

- Assistant general manager Kevin Malone, Nov. 11, 1997 Departure: "Ray Miller is a gentleman and a fine baseball man, and I appreciate his efforts and the contributions he has made over the years to the Orioles organization. " - Angelos, Oct. 7, 1999

On Davey Johnson


Hire: "This is a move in the direction of producing a winner. We are committed to building a winner in Baltimore, and Davey is a vital part of that effort. He has a winning attitude. ... He's a very down-to-earth, forthright baseball professional, with an extensive knowledge, and his record clearly establishes that." - Angelos, Oct. 30, 1995 Departure: "The timing [of Johnson's resignation] might not be accidental. But that's his prerogative. This chapter is over. I wish him well."

- Angelos, Nov. 5, 1997

On Phil Regan


Hire: "In looking at his background, we felt he was the man. It's not that we felt Davey Johnson wasn't the man. We weren't comparing him against Davey Johnson. We just had the feeling Phil was the right man for this job." - Assistant GM Frank Robinson, Oct. 16, 1994 Departure: "The Orioles will continue to hold Phil in high personal and professional esteem."

- Angelos, Oct. 20, 1995

On Johnny Oates

1991-1994(Replaced Robinson under ownership of Eli Jacobs)

Departure: "I and everyone with the Orioles wish Johnny the best. He leaves with our gratitude, goodwill and respect."

- Angelos, Oct. 26, 1994

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