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Parents, senior week

The Baltimore Sun

Another Senior Week at Ocean City has passed, where tens of thousands of high school graduates vacation in the deluxe comfort of seasonal rental units, partake in only the finest of nonalcoholic carbonated drinks and adhere to all traffic laws.

Seriously, did your child come home from Senior Week with a purple mohawk? Shaved head? Tattoo? Piercing? Did the public buses unwittingly become clothing-optional? Did your family car come back with new markings usually associated with hitting a pole?

Parents, please send your impressions of what you know now about Senior Week to Please put "Senior Week" in the header and provide a daytime phone number, for confirmation purposes only. We'll cull the entries to run in the paper and on the Web.

Maybe we'll call it "Tales from Senior Week ... Or Just the Stuff My Kids Admitted To."

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