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Last week we asked which recent Orioles No. 1 draft pick would be the club's best player in 2012. Right fielder Nick Markakis ran away with the lead, getting more than 60 percent of the 1,600-plus votes. Interestingly, the club's 2007 pick, Matt Wieters, hasn't signed yet, but he's second on this list. The results:

Nick Markakis, 61.7 percent (995 votes)

Matt Wieters, 16.7 percent (270 votes)

Bill Rowell, 11.2 percent (180 votes)

Adam Loewen, 9.5 percent (154 votes)

Brandon Snyder 0.9 percent (14 votes)



Which Oriole most deserves to be a 2007 All-Star?

Erik Bedard

Jeremy Guthrie

Nick Markakis

Brian Roberts

Miguel Tejada

No Oriole does

Vote at baseball

Hack of

the week

Which former Orioles No. 1 pick was most disappointing?

Outfielder Mark Smith, ninth overall in 1991, ended up with seven home runs and 27 RBIs. Four picks after him, the Indians took Manny Ramirez.

[Brian Klaff, Zichron Ya'akov, Israel]

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This week's question: What's a more hallowed baseball record, 755 home runs or 2,632 consecutive games played? Why?

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