Contemporary 'Nancy Drew' isn't clueless

The Baltimore Sun

Nancy Drew paints such a smart, affable picture of girlish super-competence that it will amuse and energize 'tweens of both sexes, bring fond smiles to their elders - and compel them to recall the humor and heart pangs of their first light adolescent crush.

Director Andrew Fleming and his chipper young star, Emma Roberts, affectionately update the amateur sleuth who first appeared in 1930s series books. They make her an old-fashioned girl in a floundering youth culture geared toward the Next Big Thing. The movie takes place in the present, but Nancy is like a fresh-faced kid from the early 1970s: she still likes vinyl records and penny loafers and dresses she can sew herself from patterns. And as Nancy, Roberts gives off the wholesome allure of committed intelligence and energy.

Nancy Drew (Warner Bros.) Starring Emma Roberts. Directed by Andrew Fleming. Rated PG. Time 99 minutes.

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