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Marilyn Manson -- Eat Me, Drink Me (Interscope)

The Baltimore Sun

Marilyn Manson -- Eat Me, Drink Me (Interscope) Turns out that underneath all the latex and nihilism, the shock-rocker just wanted to be loved. And he was, for a while. But when his marriage to burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese fell apart last year, Manson was distraught until a new romance with barely post-jailbait actress Evan Rachel Wood helped lift him out of depression.

He channeled his competing emotions into the songs on his latest, which is perhaps his least intentionally antagonistic album. It's surely no coincidence that Eat Me, Drink Me is also among Manson's most compelling records: These songs are taut, anguished sketches as he purges the dysfunction of his broken marriage and warily circles Wood, balancing his attraction with the fear of getting burned again.

Despite the darkness - and there's plenty on Eat Me, Drink Me - Manson for once offers the distant light of redemption. If the "Antichrist Superstar" hasn't abandoned hope, maybe love can conquer all. ...

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