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A Guthrie-filled future

The Baltimore Sun

The good news is the Orioles have Jeremy Guthrie on their roster.

The great news is he's not going anywhere, either.

Guthrie is still a rookie, as I've written in the past. As a team spokesman explained yesterday, the right-hander's days on Cleveland's active roster before September call-ups and innings pitched didn't qualify him for a full season. The Orioles have him under control for five more years as long as he remains on the major league roster.

And I agree with those of you who see a little - or a lot - of Mike Mussina in Guthrie when he pitches. And not just the obvious Stanford connection, though that counts for something.

And just like Mussina, Guthrie won't win 20 games unless this team starts scoring some runs for him. He should have eight victories right now and a spot waiting for him on the All-Star team.


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