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Last week we asked which 2007 Orioles newcomer would look like the best pickup by this season's end. And most of you - almost 80 percent of more than 2,450 voters - said starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie. The results:

Jeremy Guthrie, 78.3 percent (1,925 votes)

Steve Trachsel, 6.7 percent (164 votes)

Jay Payton, 6.6 percent (162 votes)

Aubrey Huff, 3.7 percent (92 votes)

Jamie Walker, 2.5 percent (61 votes)

Chad Bradford, 2.2 percent (54 votes)



Fast-forward five years: Which Orioles recent first-round draft pick will be the club's best player in 2012?

Adam Loewen

Nick Markakis

Brandon Snyder

Billy Rowell

Matt Wieters

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the week

Who is baseball's best manager? Answer: Bobby Cox, Atlanta Braves

He has won with all types of players and all kinds of team composition. He is an adept handler of players, both stars and scrubs, particularly his pitching staff.

[Ev Fuller, Mechanicsburg, Pa.]

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This week's question: Which Orioles first-round draft pick over the years disappointed you the most?

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