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'The concept of Columbia'

The Baltimore Sun

As reported June 17, 1967, in The Sun:

A 14-foot piece of modern goldleaf sculpture rolled slowly out of the side of a wall on Lombard street at dusk yesterday - starting and stopping both motorists and pedestrians.

The two-hour operation, which began with knocking out the beams of large windows and double doors of a store front, was the first step in the transfer of the fragile sculpture to its final resting place in the downtown area of Columbia.

The sculpture, to be hoisted Monday atop a 30-foot mast, is the first major work of art to be completed for the Rouse Company city in Howard County.

The $50,000 fiberglass sculpture is a global structure comprised of 66 human figures with their arms outstretched - "to symbolize the concept of Columbia," according to its creator, Pierre du Fayet.

The sculpture, along with a smaller, uncompleted fountain that was moved yesterday, will be moved at dawn today on the truck on which it was placed - and with a police escort because of its oversize.

Its elevation Monday will represent the first "real" public exhibition for its 38-year-old French creator , who is employed by the Rouse Company as a sculptor and adviser.

[Paul McCardell, Sun library researcher.]

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