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Getting There

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By plane Domestic


Atlanta$258AirTran, Cont, Delta, US Airways

Boston$158AirTran, Cont, Delta, US Airways


Dallas$178American, United, Trans Air

Denver$208Delta, MidWest, Nwest, United

Detroit$118Delta, United



Las Vegas$190Cont

Los Angeles$318Cont


Nashville$216Delta, Midwest, Nwest, Swest

New Orleans$182Cont, Delta, Nwest

New York$174United

Orlando$158AirTran, American, Nwest


Portland$310Cont, Nwest, United

San Francisco$358AirTran

Seattle$248American, Delta, Nwest, United

Tampa$188AirTran, American, Nwest, Swest

By plane International


Amsterdam$890KLM, Nwest, United, US Airways

Frankfurt$940Cont, Nwest, US Airways

London$687American, British Airways, Continental, United

Madrid$908US Airways

Paris$990Continental, Nwest

Rome$1,105Delta, US Airways


Tel Aviv$1,591Delta


The chart above is for informational purposes only. The base fares listed represent sample round-trip fares from BWI Marshall Airport as of June 6. The fares do not include taxes, fuel surcharges or other fees that may apply. Booking requirements may include a 14- to 21-day advance purchase and a Saturday stay over. International fares are good for departure on or after June 29 for a limited time. Fares may not apply to all seats on all flights and may be subject to advance booking, availability, payment restrictions and penalties for cancellations or changes. Extremely limited fares (including some weekend fares) may not be included. Source: 800-FLY-4-LESS

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