Wheelchairs OK on some riverboats

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Do you have any suggestions for handicapped-accessible riverboat cruises on the Ohio or Mississippi rivers?

Riverboat cruises are a great way to see the country's landscape, and passengers can enjoy a variety of onshore excursions plus many of the same amenities they'd find on larger cruise ships, such as live entertainment and fitness centers.

Majestic America Line (www. majesticamerica.com), based in Seattle, has cruises that range from three to seven days on the American Queen. You can catch trips on the lower Mississippi in the spring before the ship moves to the upper Mississippi and the Ohio for the summer. There are nine wheelchair-accessible staterooms. Prices start at $535 per person.

If you're interested in something shorter, River Cruises (riverboat twilight.com) has two-day cruises that sail the Iowa portion of the Mississippi from Le Claire to Dubuque. There are no elevators, so you won't have access to the top levels, but dining and viewing are available on the main deck. Cost is $295 per person.

It's not a riverboat, but New Orleans-based RiverBarge Excursion Lines (riverbarge.com) has a four-day "America's Junction" trip on the Ohio that begins and ends in Cincinnati. You'll stay overnight in Madison, Ind., and visit the Lanier Mansion before departing. There are three handicapped-accessible rooms. Four-day cruises start at $925.

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