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Five Things I Have To Have Now

The Baltimore Sun

Duff Goldman must be living a buttercream-covered dream. He bakes cakes all day with his friends while a camera follows his every move. "It is so much fun," says the Ace of Cakes star, who was a hit in the show's very first season. The second season was even bigger. Now, the Food Network is ready to pile on the layers with Seasons 3 and 4, back-to-back. "We already have six episodes in the can," says Goldman, 32, who has created cakes for Jay Leno, the Super Bowl, Maryland Science Center and many more, including lots of Baltimore brides and grooms. Do they come to him because of the TV show? "Brides don't care. ... They know that our cakes taste really good," he says, adding that Charm City Cakes gives couples a lot of personal attention. "We try to be the wedding vendor that people don't have to stress out about." Now, that's a sweet deal.

1. A vintage Orange amp and matching cabinet "A very specific type of amp and it's got a great sound and they're bright orange. Which is cool."

2. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, by J.K. Rowling "I'm like biting my nails [in anticipation of the book's July release]. I am a complete Harry Potter junkie."

3. From Beale Street to Oblivion, a music CD by Clutch "The album is their latest and Clutch is my favorite band in the universe. They're just so good ... and they're from Gaithersburg."

4. A 4x8 solid wood baker's table "When I was working at Savannah for Cindy Wolf ... when it was time to clean the sugar snaps [peas] ... all of the cooks would stand around one table and that was our time to hang out and talk. It was that communal feeling, even though it was a mindless activity."

5. The Godfather series on DVD "My girlfriend, Sofie, and I ... have a lot of movies [but] we don't own The Godfather."

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