The next big thing acted opposite Paris Hilton and George Clooney

So, what do you call a New York-born, Muslim-raised, self-described "redneck" girl? (She grew up in Georgia.) You call her Noureen DeWulf. You've already probably seen her onscreen in Pledge This! with Paris Hilton and any second, she'll burn up the Cineplex in Ocean's Thirteen with all those guys who are pals of George Clooney.

But if you can't wait, pick up Maxim. There's Noureen in skin-tight jeans and a pristine white bra. She wears spiky leather boots in some shots, stiletto platform heels in others. She likes to keep it "fetish."


How does a nice Muslim girl, who says she is "hugely spiritual," wind up as a vixen-in-the-making in the underdressed movie biz? Noureen says growing up in the Deep South wasn't easy and her parents have a tough time with her profession. But her exotic looks have pushed her a certain way. "Maybe it's a self-fulfilling prophecy, because when people keep telling you you're sexy you become that. But I enjoy it. Sexuality is a part of life; why shy away from it?" (The sounds you hear are Mom and Pop, gasping.)

And what of Noureen's little acting experience with Miss Hilton? She says, "Paris is everything you think she is. That's the best way to describe her." Nuff said.


Princely chat

We told you weeks ago that the Today show's Matt Lauer had lured England's princes, William and Harry, to sit with him and talk of many things. Now we can tell you the interview airs June 18.

The boys who walked brokenhearted behind their mother's casket in 1997 are young men now. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say about the royal duties foisted upon them -- lives planned out before their birth -- and how they feel about the world's continued fascination with their mother, Princess Diana.

This and that

OK, so on Wednesday, Diane von Furstenberg opened her new shop down at 14th & Washington in Manhattan and all's well with the world of fashion. If you're young and "with it" you'll want to drop down and see what's what. Everybody else has! And when she wants, Diane can amble over from her place and look over husband Barry Diller's new glass-shining Frank Gehry building fronting the Hudson River where he runs Web sites under the IAC initials. This is one married couple who cover the waterfront. ... Our PR friend Peggy Siegal attended umpteen parties Memorial Day weekend in the Hamptons. She was so exhausted, she went to sleep during a screening of a hot new film, woke up covered in spilled popcorn and still doesn't really know if she saw the movie or not. ... The American Theater Wing will honor some grown people tonight: Carol Channing, James Earl Jones and Tommy Tune. A hot ticket.


"If people expect to see you, you get recognized all the time. And if they don't, then you won't." That's Natalie Portman refusing to tell Newsweek magazine what country she was in.

When pressed by the writer, "Oh, but this isn't going to be published today," Miss Portman responded with finality, "I'll be here for a while."


Privacy. You can make it happen if you want it.

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