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Last week we asked which former Oriole from the past five years would you like to see back with the team? More than 2,400 people responded, and New York Mets pitcher John Maine, traded two offseasons ago with Jorge Julio for Kris Benson, won in a landslide with nearly 65 percent of the vote. Former slugger Sammy Sosa, now with the Texas Rangers, received just 3 percent. The results:

John Maine, 64.2 percent (1,566 votes)

Gary Matthews Jr., 12 (292 votes)

Eric Byrnes, 11.5 (281 votes)

Jack Cust, 9.3 (226 votes)

Sammy Sosa, 3 (73 votes)



By the end of the season, who will be considered the Orioles' best offseason pickup?

Chad Bradford

Jeremy Guthrie

Aubrey Huff

Jay Payton

Steve Trachsel

Jamie Walker

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Hack of

the week

If you owned the Orioles, what's the first thing you'd do to turn the team around?

Replace all, from the lower-tier scouts up through vice presidents Mike Flanagan and Jim Duquette. One phase is not the problem; the entire system is.

[Ralph Batchelor, Georgetown, Del.]

Take your


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This week's question: Who currently is baseball's best manager, and why?

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