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Eldersburg event great success

Luck is just the product of hard work. And again, we organizers of the third annual "Taste of Eldersburg" are the luckiest people on earth. Our "luck" contributed to the third annual "Taste of Eldersburg" at the Sykesville/Freedom fire hall on May 6.

Each and every volunteer, sponsor, restaurant and attendee showed how much they care about your community by donating their time, energy, dollars and product for this event. Give them your attention now and patronage later. They went all out.

Thanks to the Gazette for coming up with the idea and sponsoring the Taste of Eldersburg. Amy Benton, you, Gail Crowder and your staff were there every step of the way.

Other sponsors included National Medical Imaging and the Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County, Hutchinson's Florist, the Athletic House and P&M; Printing. You helped take the event over the top.

Congratulations and thanks to our food and drink vendors: Salerno's, Belisimo's, Captain Dan's Crabhouse, E.W. Becks, Dream Dinners, Bolen's Bull Pen, Liberatore's, Luna Rossa, J&P; Pizza, Serra Brothers Bar and Grill, Jimmy Rayz Island Grill, Meiklejohn's, Manna Cafe, Habib's Kabob, Just Deserts by Linda, Linganore Winecellars/ Berrywine Plantations, Clay Pipe Brewery, AV Importers, Shelley Johnson/Long and Foster Realtors, Coldwell Banker/Eldersburg and Hopz Party Rentals.

Everything was delicious. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for their favorites. The 2007 Taste of Eldersburg winners are: favorite appetizer, Salerno's Crab Balls; favorite entree, Luna Rossa's Chicken Portofino; favorite dessert, Manna Cafe's cakes and scones; and the favorite beverage vote went to Linganore Wines/ Berrywine Plantations. To the businesses that donated items to the silent auction: thank you. We are delighted that you again have gone above and beyond for the Eldersburg community.

To the Freedom Area Recreation Council fitness team and volunteers - you guys rock.

I hope all the volunteers realize how important their participation in the Taste of Eldersburg was. They help make your community a better place to live by donating their time, energy and expertise. The names of individuals that ran errands beforehand, worked the event or picked up silent auction items are too numerous to list.

However, I would like to recognize our committee leaders, without your leadership and expertise, we could not have accomplished our goals. Thanks to Breanna Shumpert, Jennifer Pugaczewski, Dave Greenwalt and Don Cox. You amaze me.

And finally, to the Eldersburg community, thanks for coming to third annual Taste of Eldersburg. I'm glad you had a great time, enjoyed sampling the best dishes from local restaurants and discovered some new favorites.

The Eldersburg and Westminster Eagle, Baltimore Sun, WBAL Radio, and the Advocate ran all of our public service announcements . You, and the Sykesville/Eldersburg Gazette are all classy publications and are to be recognized for your continuous support of the Freedom Area Recreation Council family.

The dollars raised go directly back into your Eldersburg community to support wellness programs for adults and children. Programs like Freedom Recreation's Kids/Teen fitness program could not survive without your financial support. Thank you.

See you at next year's Taste.

Tracy Cox

The writer is coordinator for Freedom Fitness for the Freedom Area Recreation Council's Fitness Program; secretary for Freedom Area Recreation Council, and chair of the Prevention and Wellness Committee, Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County

Don't expand the airport

Laura McCandlish's May 27 article concerning the Carroll County Regional Airport expansion plans contained several interesting points requiring commentary.

Ms. McCandlish quotes Julia Gouge as complaining that "people still totally misunderstand ... " Mrs. Gouge need only look in the mirror to find who doesn't understand! The people in this area say: We do not want the airport expanded. We do not care whence the money comes! Now, Mrs. Gouge, is that clear enough?

I will not bother going into the disingenuousness involved in Mrs. Gouge's formulation of the source of the FAA funding, other than to observe that even a freshman economics student knows that corporations do not pay taxes, they merely collect them and pass them on to the government.

Ms. McCandlish also cites Commissioner Zimmer as dismissing the suggestion to move the airport as "hyperbole" and notes that he avers to have "tempered his opinion to consider the business benefits of a larger airport."

Perhaps Mr. Zimmer should read the detailed rebuttals of the Sage Policy Group report, which pointed out that the Sage report's conclusions were based upon economic projections of the benefits of expansion at much larger and demographically much different airports.

Mr. Zimmer may also wish to consider that if a larger airport is universally better for business, why is Hagerstown struggling? And, rather than dismissing the suggestion, perhaps talks should be held with Frederick, whose airport is presently constrained by geographical features, to combine to build a 10,000 foot runway and associated support facilities at Clearview Airport, which has the distinct advantage of being rather close to a major highway (I-70), on a direct route into Montgomery County (Route 97), and equidistant to both Frederick and Westminster.

If this latter suggestion were brought to fruition, Mr. Minnich's statement as to the airport's distance from the "main residential parts of Westminster" might even be considered accurate.

Finally, we come to Mr. Witiak's observation that "[p]lanes and mass transit, not roads, are the things of the future." Does Mr. Witiak seriously believe that the corporate fat cats, who are the acknowledged chief beneficiaries of this expansion project, are going to ride the bus to work?

Edmund A. Klebe

A open mind on airport

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the citizens who participated in the May 23 Airport Draft Master Plan public hearing. I found the feedback from witnesses to be valuable.

As I have stated several times since taking office in December, I will continue to keep an open mind concerning the airport expansion. I know that this is frustrating to some who have a fixed view on the potential expansion.

As a commissioner, I have a responsibility to listen to all aspects, all perspectives and all the facts from all citizens before I cast a vote.

I must take issue with one aspect of your report published on May 25, headlined "Runway plan hits bump." Your reporter's inclusion of the word "dismissed" relative to my reaction to certain arguments of certain witnesses at our public hearing was a non-reflection of my views.

I do not "dismiss" anyone who sincerely advocates for or against a particular policy initiative. My point to your reporter was rather that no one is seriously considering moving the airport 10 miles from Westminster. I consider such suggestions as a means of illustrating a point. Many folks feel the airport already negatively affects their quality of life in its current configuration.

Hyperbole and metaphors are perfectly valid forms of communication and argumentation. I certainly respect those who chose to advocate in this style.

I continue to urge citizens to contact the Board of Commissioners either by mail, telephone or e-mail to express their viewpoint on the airport master plan. The official record will remain open until June 7.

Michael D. Zimmer Commissioner

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