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Israel sees problem skyrocket

As a piece of engineering, the Palestinian-made Qassam rocket is like a bad high school science project. But as a weapon against Israel, the Qassam is worthy of a top prize. pg 1A

At least 14 die in Lebanon clash

Government troops stormed positions held by al-Qaida-linked militants on the outskirts of a refugee camp in northern Lebanon, in some of the fiercest fighting in two weeks. pg 10a


Christian bloc sees cracks

Dissatisfaction with the Republican presidential field, an expanding evangelical agenda and Democratic outreach are threatening the cohesion of a evangelical Christian bloc widely credited with making George W. Bush president. pg 3A

Kevorkian leaves prison

Jack Kevorkian, the former doctor and outspoken flamboyant advocate for assisted suicide, walked out of a prison after serving eight years for second-degree murder for his role in one death. pg 3a


Driver accidentally hits family

Urvashiben Patel took her new silver Honda Odyssey for a spin around the parking lot of her family's Annapolis apartment complex. As she pulled into a parking space, she pressed the accelerator instead of the brake pedal and ran over her family. pg 1B


Former Navy coach dies

Dave Smalley, who coached the men's and women's basketball teams at the Naval Academy for 22 years, died of complications from cancer. Smalley spent the past 50 years at Navy as a player, coach or administrator. pg 1C

Mason still needs successor

Raymond A. "Chip" Mason, the 70-year-old chief executive who has led investment company Legg Mason Inc. for more than three decades, had figured to be in the throes of planning his cushy golden years by now. If only he could find a successor. Mason's heir apparent, James W. Hirschmann, bowed out as company president in April. pg 8C

Long auto loans hurt car sales

Despite a record U.S. population and more licensed drivers than ever, sales of new vehicles slipped nearly 3 percent last year to their lowest level since 1998 and are down the same amount this year. Analysts and auto manufacturers point to several factors, including high gas prices. pg 8C


Flea market craze lives on

Flea market vendor Robert Rivera finds victory hundreds of times at the Patapsco Flea Market. Every once in a while, though, a cagier customer comes along, someone who seems immune to Rivera's pitch, who puts up a fight and attempts to haggle over the $6 price. pg 1D

Artists line up for Artscape fest

Musical acts such as Isley Brothers, Los Lonely Boys, Keyshia Cole, Ryan Shaw and Burning Spear are among those set to appear at this year's Artscape festival, scheduled for July 20, 21 and 22 on Mount Royal Avenue. pg 3D

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