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TB patient identified

A globe-trotting Atlanta lawyer with a dangerous strain of tuberculosis was allowed back into the U.S. by a border inspector who disregarded a computer warning to stop him, officials said. pg 1A


Plot thickens in death of spy

The Russian man accused by British prosecutors of fatally poisoning former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in London blamed the death on British secret services and a Kremlin opponent. pg 10A


Fire panel urges more ousters

A Fire Department panel has recommended that two more city firefighters be dismissed from their jobs because of their roles in a February training burn in a Southwest Baltimore rowhouse that killed a recruit and injured two others. pg 1A

Hopkins ex-official defends ties

In her first public comments since her suspension, Ellen Frishberg, Johns Hopkins director of student financial services who was suspended after allegations that she received perks from Student Loan Xpress, defends her consulting work with the financial lender. She started moonlighting 10 years ago at the suggestion of a supervisor, she says. pg 1B

BGE rates arrive quietly

More than a year after a major proposed electricity rate increase ignited a political fire storm, rates for BGE's 1.2 million customers are due to go up 50 percent today, bringing the price of power nearly as high as it would have been if state leaders had done nothing at all. pg 1B






+ 11.93


S&P; -- UP






40,000 new jobs created in area

The Baltimore metropolitan area created more than 40,000 jobs in the first half of the decade, propelled largely by Anne Arundel County, new census numbers show. Anne Arundel employers added 25,700 jobs from 2000 to 2005, well more than half the 41,700-job gain across the region. pg 1E

Ciena savors 'market sweet pot'

Bandwidth, everybody wants more of it. There are television shows to watch online, huge files to download and a host of companies looking to expand their businesses. The key to making much of that run smoothly is bandwidth, and Linthicum's Ciena Corp. happens to have the answer. pg 1E


Donovan to coach NBA's Magic

Men's basketball coach Billy Donovan is leaving the University of Florida after agreeing to a five-year deal -- paying $5.5 million annually -- to coach the Orlando Magic, an official in the NBA told the Associated Press. pg 8f


'Knocked Up' delivers lots of fun

With Knocked Up, director Judd Apatow again proves he's the best friend the schlubs of the world have ever had -- for in the world he's created onscreen, they always get the girl. Of course, there's a lot of hilarity leading up to and surrounding that relationship, and in typical Apatow fashion, it's good-hearted and organic. pg 1C

A lab for aspiring filmmakers

The Creative Alliance opens its CAmm Cage and Media Lab today, providing low-cost equipment rentals for aspiring filmmakers. pg 1C

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