Need lights, camera, action? Go to the CAmm Cage

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Embracing your moviemaking muse right here in Charm City gets a lot easier today with the opening of a facility dedicated to offering low-cost equipment rental and editing facilities to aspiring filmmakers.

Operating under the auspices of Highlandtown's Creative Alliance, the CAmm Cage and Media Lab will feature some $50,000 of equipment for rental at below-market prices - $200 a day, for instance, for a high-definition video camera and hard drive, $50 for a light kit, $75 for an LCD video projector. It will also offer editing equipment, workshops, even places to hold auditions and screen the finished product.

"All of this is in service of supporting the individuals who do the creative work," says Kristen Anchor, director of Creative Alliance Moviemakers, better known as CAmm. "That's a big reason why we exist, to support the establishment of a thriving, happy art community to make Baltimore a better place."

The CAmm Cage (slang for the room where equipment is stored) and Media Lab will open tonight with a party at Creative Alliance headquarters in the old Patterson Theatre, 3134 Eastern Ave. The equipment and facilities will be available beginning Monday; to use them, you need to be a Creative Alliance member and attend a one-hour orientation. Information: 410-276-1651 or

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Explore the new CAmm Cage and Media Lab, next week in Today.

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