Rick Maese -- Points after

The Baltimore Sun

Speechless: I can't figure out why Orioles starters are disappearing after games before talking with reporters. They aren't better than the hundreds of pitchers before them who pitch every night and realize that the media is their direct connection with fans. That silent treatment would be better directed at Orioles hitters who keep failing them.

NBA's lotto: Why all the fuss about how the NBA draft lottery system is broken and unfair? The way I look at it, last-place teams that tanked down the stretch and then lost out in last week's lottery got exactly what they deserved.

Finding the mute button: So ESPN replaces Michael Irvin with Keyshawn Johnson as an NFL analyst? Someone run some tests on the ESPN human resources department. The network that thought we needed minute-by-minute Terrell Owens updates officially thinks its audience prefers loud and obnoxious to reasoned and informative.

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