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Capsules by film critics Michael Sragow and Chris Kaltenbach unless noted. Full reviews are at

Are We Done Yet?, -- with Ice Cube as the leader of a city family that moves into a country fixer-upper that refuses to be fixed, has some possibilities, but consistently mistakes annoying for funny. (C.K.) PG 92 minutes C+


Away From Her -- As his wife'sAlzheimer's worsens, a husband struggles over just how hard he should fight to retain the life they once had. Julie Christie and Gordon Pinsent are wonderful in this quiet, comtemplative study of love and loss. (C.K.) PG-13 110 minutes B+

Disturbia -- is a cheeky thriller about what happens when a disgruntled adolescent (Shia LaBeouf) under house arrest for popping his Spanish teacher cracks open a missing-person case by training his binoculars on a neighbor. The Breakfast Club meets Rear Window should satisfy dating crowds from high school to night school. (M.S.) PG-13 104 minutes B+


The Ex -- A former chef (Zach Braff) and his attorney wife (Amanda Peet) reach crisis-point after the birth of their first child. A subplot finds the wheelchair-using Jason Bateman, Peet's one-night high-school lover, determined to replace Braff in Peet's bed. (M.S.) PG-13 90 minutes D+

Fracture -- is a competent-enough thriller saved by the virtuoso acting and riveting screen presence of its stars, Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. Gosling plays Willy Beachum, a cocksure prosecutor going after Ted Crawford (Hopkins) who has tried to murder his wife. (C.K.) R 104 minutes B-

Georgia Rule -- follows three generations of a messed-up family: Georgia (Jane Fonda), a righteous Idaho matriarch, her granddaughter Rachel (Lindsay Lohan), and Rachel's equally troubled mother, Lily (Felicity Huffman). Georgia proves to be a pious bore from start to finish. (M.S.) R. 113 minutes D-

Hot Fuzz -- skewers big-budget Hollywood blow-'em-ups. Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg), the finest police officer in London, was so good that the police chief transferred him to the pastoral village of Sandford, where a missing swan constitutes a crime wave. Very funny, in that understated British way that Americans love. (C.K.) R 121 minutes B+

Next -- may be the silliest movie of 2007. The film's plot centers on a guy (Nicolas Cage) who can see two minutes into his future, and efforts by the FBI to enlist his aid in the search for an atomic bomb buried somewhere near L.A. (C.K.) PG-13 96 minutes C

Shrek the Third -- tells what happens when Prince Charming persuades oversized bad guys to seize the Land of Far Far Away and compose a happy ending for themselves. Mike Myers' Shrek and Cameron Diaz's Fiona supply the comic heart that turns the film into a genuine slapstick fairy tale as they defend the kingdom while grappling with impending parenthood. (M.S.) PG 87 minutes A-

Spider-Man 3 -- is a jam-packed saga, more hyped-up parade than adventure, a crash-and-bawl movie, a four-hankie demolition derby. But director Sam Raimi does deliver a dozen moments of looniness and grandeur. (M.S.) PG-13 140 minutes B-

28 Weeks Later -- doesn't match the impact of its predecessor, 28 Days Later. The new film chronicles the tragically premature attempts to recolonize England after the zombie virus that ravaged the country in the earlier film appears to have died off. (C.K.) R 99 minutes C+