Ex-boyfriend gets life in murder attempt

The Baltimore Sun

For months last year, 50-year-old Larry Davis threatened and stalked and hurt his ex-girlfriend, according to court paperwork and testimony.

He would sit in a chair across from the woman's Baltimore County home, a place where he had hidden knives and drill bits behind wall pictures and in furniture before she had kicked him out. He would disable her security system and sneak inside. He would ignore stay-away orders from the court.

He once beat her with his Latex-gloved fists, and he once cut a hole in her roof and tried to crawl into her attic, according to court records.

Then, on April 11, 2006, Davis crawled under her car as it sat in the parking lot of her workplace, the Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital. Davis duct-taped a propane tank underneath, rigging it to explode when the tailpipe became hot enough.

For that, a Baltimore jury convicted Davis yesterday of attempted first-degree murder, and Circuit Judge John C. Themelis sentenced him to life in prison.

"I wish with all my might that he is kept away from me forever and a day. Please," the 47-year-old woman wrote in a victim-impact statement submitted to the court. She wrote that she never thought that ending the five-year relationship might cost her her life.

Assistant State's Attorney Kathleen Copsey said that although the case was unusual, it featured the same escalation seen in many domestic violence cases.

That day last April, Davis' ex-girlfriend spotted him under her car, and he tried to assault her in the parking lot before running off into the woods, according to charging documents.

A team of police dogs and officers searched the area for a gun but instead found a bag containing copper wires and fuel. The officers looked more closely at the woman's car and found the explosive device.

Davis was arrested that day, and he has been held without bail ever since.

Copsey said of the lengthy prison sentence: "This is the only way. He is fixated on her. It will not end."


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