HBO gives advance screening to star-studded 'Wounded Knee'

TONIGHT HBO presents its premiere screening of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee based on Dee Alexander's 1970 best-seller about the brutal displacement of Native Americans in the late 19th century. Aidan Quinn, Adam Beach, August Schellenberg and Anna Paquin star in the film. (Miss Paquin, who won an Oscar for The Piano in 1994 at age 12, has avoided the pitfalls of too much, too soon. She thrives, quietly.)

The premiere happens at the American Museum of Natural History on NYC's West Side. Advance word? Everybody make shelf space for Emmys.


A new 'Dorian Gray'

Oscar Wilde's great tale of forsaking one's soul for perpetual youth, The Picture of Dorian Gray, will have another reincarnation at the 19th annual New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Film Festival (May 31 to June 10).


Duncan Roy directs a "modern twist" on Oscar's story of a boy, a painting and a Botox frame of mind. Wilde's narcissist hero has already been reinvented on- screen as a woman, a vampire and a fashion model. And there was the famous adaptation in 1945, starring Hurd Hatfield and Angela Lansbury. The star of this one? Young and sexy David Gallagher who fans know as Simon, the oft-tempted son of a preacher man on the long-running series 7th Heaven, which finally went to its reward this year.

In the TV show, David's character was allowed to question what was good and what was bad, but in the end he always chose the path of ... what his parents told him.

After 11 years of sometimes-reluctant do-gooding on 7th Heaven, David runs the fast track to hell in Dorian.

The end is near

So, which party -- Republican or Democratic -- wants to be blamed for the end of the world in 2012? This is something to consider, a year and a half before the next presidential election in 2008.

According to the morbidly accurate ancient Mayan calendar, and a few other sources, including NASA, something extraordinary will happen that year -- just a little realignment of the Earth. The Mayans predicted the end of times in 2012. Scientists say don't get all biblical, still ... there is that realignment.

If the Earth cataclysms, but enough people survive to tell the story, somebody will get the blame, and it won't be Libertarians. So, Hillary, Barack, Mitt, Newt, Fred, John, Al -- want to be the one in charge for the big bang? (Oh, it would be fun to get through it just to hear Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly "spin" Armageddon in opposite directions!)

Or maybe it's all Mel Gibson's fault.



Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton spoke at the University of New Hampshire recently asking graduates to focus efforts on helping people around the world. At the end, Clinton thanked J. Bonnie Newman, the university prexy.

He said: "Thank you, Madam President Newman. I like the sound of that. I've decided women should run everything, and George and I can play more golf."

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